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Ready to encounter God like never before?

Registration for Emerge’s Online program opens in just a few short weeks!

What’s a Schlyce?

Schlyce is like the rarest of wines. Her one-of-a kind flavor can only be described as a unique blend of passion, courage, and boldness that has been heavily seasoned with love, grace, and humor. She’s a teaching, coaching, miracle-working, entrepreneurial machine.

It’s obvious that she knows God intimately and loves to introduce Him to others and help them know Him that way too. Her enthusiasm and transparency to see the potential in others released is contagious… She’s most definitely the real deal!


Emerge School of Transformation

Emerge School of Transformation is a 40-lesson online course for spiritual seekers from all walks of life who are looking for greater meaning in life and a deeper “religious-free” relationship with God. Designed to awaken you to your higher purpose in life, Emerge will  lead you step-by-glorious-step into finding your own answers to what Schlyce calls “The 5 Big Q’s” of life. The 5 Big Q’s are not only universal to the experience of being human, but they embody some of the most important questions you’ll ever ask and answer.

Breakthrough Perspectives

Breakthrough Perspectives is a monthly subscription program designed to awaken the miraculous in your life! Every month you’ll receive amazing resources that will activate you’re spiritual senses, help you see things from God’s perspective, and release your full potential in Christ. With three different levels to choose from, it’s never been easier to connect with and get motivated by Schlyce. 

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Rethinking It

The genius behind all of Schlyce’s transformational programs comes out of Rethink, LLC – the spirit-centered transformational “un-learning” company that Schlyce founded in 2009. Rethink develops resources that fuel personal growth and organizational transformation by empowering leaders to think different. Rethink’s offerings are geared towards helping individuals and organizations release their full potential and make an impact in the world. The company is driven by two simple but radical ideas – all leaders and the organizations they inspire exist to fulfill a “bigger-than-themselves” purpose; and the only real limitation in life is the way people and organizations are “wired” to think.


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If there's anyone I admire and have learned endless principles, life application, & leadership from - it's Schlyce.
Myron PierceFounder, Passion City Church & Front Range Detailing
Schlyce is the real deal! I am so impressed with her ability to communicate and teach in a simple and straight forward way. I highly recommend her and her new online school, 'Emerge School of Transformation'.
Gary OatesFounder, Gary Oates Ministries
Schlyce is a powerful world class leader and is called to empower a generation to believe higher.
Jason ChinFounder, Love Says Go
Schlyce has been one of the most powerful and influential voices in my life for the past 10 years... the love, wisdom, and truth that she has poured into my life over those years is un-matched.
Natalie HochstatterEntrepreneur & Life Mentor
In the last 5 years I have become a completely different person through Schlyce’s mentoring and teachings.
Kim MarshallDevoted Mom & Psychologist in Training
Schlyce Jimenez is an experienced and gifted teacher and prophetic life coach. Her spirit empowered training and resources will help you discover your life purpose and fulfill your destiny.
Doug AddisonProphet and Life Coach, InLight Ministries
Her in-depth, practical teaching completely changed my life.
Kris TurnerSinger, Songwriter, & Actor
Schlyce… makes you feel empowered and outrageously believed in.
Justin KnappFounder, Pulse