January 8, 2016


Remember when I told My Son that it was My pleasure to give you My kingdom? Well it truly is My joy and delight. I love sharing all that I am with you. I love showering you with the abundance of My heart.

Today, I’d like to spend a few minutes talking with you about your finances. I see the lack and understand your need for increase. I also recognize that you are doing your very best to trust Me and believe My promises. However, I want you to recognize that lack and poverty are not first and foremost money problems. They are spirits that operate through strongholds and wrong mindsets.

In this coming year, I am going to be specifically working with you and helping you upgrade your “money mentality.” I am going to teach you how to think like Me about money and to relate to Me as your financial advisor, mentor, and “banking partner.” I am going to teach you how to operate with My wealth mindset.

Abundance is all around you. Receiving financial miracles is not hard, nor is it different than receiving any other miracle from Me. The provision that you need will flow first and foremost from your heart. For that is where all treasures, both spiritual and material, originate. As you align your heart with Mine and agree with Truth, the fruit of abundance will be produced in your life supernaturally.

As for what you can do to partner with Me in this, continue to take the steps of obedience that I’m asking you to take. You do not have to figure out how to prosper, just ask Me what I am asking you to do and do that. The bible is full of example after example of this. Abraham received a ram in the bush, the widow woman’s oil multiplied, and the water turned to wine because people heard My voice and obeyed.

There are specific things I am asking of you in this season. I will prompt you to give, for example, when you feel you can’t afford it. I will ask you to take steps of faith, when you feel afraid. And, I will ask you to do for someone else the very thing you are asking Me to do for you. I am stretching you in these ways because I want you to have complete trust in Me and My faithfulness.

I love you My child and I want every chain of lack and poverty broken off of your life. I want you to experience the complete victory over sin and its consequences that My Son purchased on the cross with His own blood. I want the spirit of debt cast out of your life once and for all. Believe it and receive it My child. This is My will for you. All that I am, all that I possess, is your inheritance in Christ.

Big Kisses,