January 22, 2016

Hello My sweet child,

It seems like you’ve been waiting on Me thinking that you’re in some kind of holding pattern. You’ve been wondering what it is that you need to do or discover so that the circumstances that you find yourself in will change. But, I want you to know that My kingdom doesn’t operate like that. There’s not a good time or a bad time for heaven to manifest. Every moment is a good time, everyday is the day of salvation – of the increase of My government there is no end.

In Christ, everyone of My promises is fulfilled. You are blessed with every blessing in heavenly places. Your breakthrough isn’t a function of time, but a function of faith. Everything that I AM is available to you at all times. I am not withholding anything from you. Nor am I the source of your trial, tribulation, or test. I am not testing you by putting you in difficult circumstances. That is not the kind of Father I AM. It’s the enemy that comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Also, recognize this…I am not leading you by external signs. No, my child. I lead you from the inside out by My Spirit. You must practice hearing My voice and grow in your ability to discern My heart and actions from yours. You must also learn to trust in Me and My goodness even when you don’t understand what’s going on. One of the enemy’s favorite strategies is to steal from you and then try to spin it somehow as though I’m the one behind the loss.

I do not need to use negative circumstances to teach you anything. My Holy Spirit is your teacher. My Word is your instruction manual. Think of Peter, who the enemy sifted like wheat or Job who the devil caused to lose everything. Was I behind these things? Was I using these things? What do you believe about My nature in the face of tests and trials?

Trust Me, I am not the one who is the author of these things. I am the one who lives in you and has called you to overcome these things! So what am I doing in the midst of the test and trials? I am encouraging you to resist the enemy, to stand on My promises, and use My Son’s authority. Speak to the storm. Speak to the mountain. Rebuke the enemy. Call things that be not as though they were.

Use words my child. Speak in My name with confidence. Use the authority that I’ve given you to breakthrough everything that has been sent by the enemy to slow you down, discourage you, and hinder your progress. Rise up My child in your Sonship and enforce what Jesus has accomplished on your behalf.

Stop waiting on Me and discover that the breakthrough that you are seeking has already been granted. You are not waiting on Me, the seen realm is waiting on you. It’s waiting on your words to transform it into heaven on earth. It’s waiting for you to speak things into existence in My name. It’s waiting for your Sonship to appear.

So stop wondering when this is going to end or when I’m going to show up. I’ll move when you do and back your words up with My power. Today is the day. Now is the time.

Big Kisses,