January 29, 2016

Hello My Precious One,

I’ve been counting all of my favorite things about you today. Did you know that your laughter is contagious and that you make Me smile just by turning your attention towards Me? My prayer for you today is that you’ll experience more and more of My pleasure and delight. I want you to know just how loved and precious you are to Me. I want you to experience what it means to be the beloved, the object of My affection, My joy and My delight!

What good is it to call me Father, but not feel My embrace? How does it benefit you to be called a child of God but not experience your divinity as real? My heart longs for you to experience more of Me. It’s one thing to intellectually agree with the scriptures and say “I am the Father’s beloved.” But, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame when you emotionally feel and actually experience being My beloved.

So many of My kids struggle with this. They’ve been taught that believing the scriptures is enough. They believe that it’s “faith” to live without feeling or experiencing the reality of what the scripture teaches. But there’s more My child. Believing that you are loved because you read it in the bible is definitely a good thing. But there’s no greater thing than experiencing My love to such a degree that it becomes the foundation of your life.

Settling the question of being loved and accepted transforms everything. Knowing that there’s nothing that you can ever do keep Me from loving and accepting you creates a deep sense of fulfillment and security in your life. You were never designed to function with insecurities. Every insecurity, however common they are to the experience of being human, is being targeted by My love. My love will cast out every one of your insecurities. You’ll become bold and accept yourself the same way that I do.

Just so you’re aware, the Holy Spirit and I have been talking about how to best make My love for you more real and tangible. We’ve been conspiring and strategizing on how We can best motivate you to pursue more. As We talk, Our passion for you overwhelms Us. There are really no words to explain how much We desire greater intimacy with you.

Oh how We love you! Oh how We want you to experience the intoxicating reality of Our eternal love. We want you to experience Our joy, peace, and righteousness. We want you to experience Us from the inside out. We want you to taste Our goodness and receive your full inheritance. It’s not okay for you to be one with Us and not experience Us.

It’s time My beloved child. It’s time for you to experience Me and My love like never before. I will not relent. I will not relax My grip. I am holding your heart firmly as I place it inside of Mine. Together our hearts will burn with a passion that cannot be extinguished. You will experience more. Watch and see… I love you.

Kisses from Heaven,