February 12, 2016

My Dearest Child,

I am serious about you and those around you experiencing abundant life! I want you to not only know and understand all that Jesus accomplished on the cross, I want you to experience it and release it. I want you to enforce Our victory! Death, sickness, sin, poverty – everything that came with the Fall – have all been stripped of their power.

Jesus defeated the kingdom of darkness on the cross. He triumphed over the one who had the power of death and freed mankind from his grip. You are no longer a slave. You are a son and an heir!

Your translation from the kingdom of darkness is not a theory that needs to be proven. It’s a victory that must be enforced. The enemy has no authority whatsoever, unless you give him yours. So don’t! Agree with Me! Use My Son’s name. Enforce His victory, His reign, and His rule in the earth!

You are My ambassador called to bring heaven to earth. When you encounter something, anything, that isn’t lawful in heaven, stand up and say so! Use Jesus’ name and declare it illegal. Speak to the seen realm and command it to align with the victory of Jesus Christ! The seen realm will respond. In fact, it’s moaning and groaning to be governed. It’s yearning for the manifestation of the sons of God!

So be one! Be a son. Operate as one with Me and My Son. Use the name that is above every name. Use the authority that Jesus has delegated to you. Be His Body. Conduct My business. Release the kingdom everywhere you go! Make disciples, heal the sick, cast out devils – make this planet look like heaven!

Seriously my child. I want your life to be a testimony of what is possible when a person owns and walks in their Sonship. I want your life to look like Jesus’. I want you to be one of the ones who does the same works as Jesus and even greater works! I want you to confront the things that exalt themselves and claim to have more power than My Son and His kingdom!

Don’t doubt this my child! Put on Christ! Embrace your oneness with Me! This is not just for you, it’s for those who have yet to discover it and experience it for themselves. Step into the fullness of your true identity. Throw off any and every notion that you are anything but One with your Maker, your Redeemer, your Savior! I am asking you to believe it, have confidence in it, and step out into a life of miracles because of it.

Seriously. Together we can make this planet look just like heaven!

Big Kisses,