March 4, 2016

My sweet child,

When’s the last time you looked, really looked, in the mirror? What did you see? Or better yet, who did you see? Did you see a warrior? Or did you see a wimp? Did you see a king? Or did you see a pauper? Did you see a mere human? Or did you see a new creation?

Unfortunately, when Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the ability for people to perceive spiritual reality was lost. Spiritual blindness descended upon the human race and the way people viewed themselves became limited to what they saw with their natural eyesight.

But you, My child, are redeemed from spiritual blindness. In Christ, your ability to perceive the unseen has been restored. My Spirit of wisdom and revelation now dwells within you to enlighten the eyes of your understanding and show you the hope of your calling.

The truth is that you are not merely human. You are more powerful than your wildest imagination. You are clothed in My righteousness. My favor surrounds you as a shield. My Spirit rests upon you. My glory shines through you. You are My temple, My house, My dwelling place. I LIVE IN YOU!

All of creation recognizes you as Mine. The unseen recognizes who you are in Me. But here’s what really matters – do YOU recognize who you are in Me? When you think of yourself, do you think of yourself as powerful? Do you think of yourself as righteous? Do you recognize My glory within you?

What good are eyes of faith if you don’t use them My child? You must see these truths for yourself in order to experience them. You must believe that spiritual reality is what determines material reality. You must embrace who you are in Me, not just theoretically, but experientially. Your identity in Christ is your true identity. It’s who you really are. It’s who I created you to be and it’s who you’ll always be.

So today My beloved, as you stand in front of the mirror, look beyond your natural reflection and see yourself as you truly are. Imagine the seen realm being pulled back like a sheet so that you are standing before the mirror glorified – one with Christ, full of My Spirit, full of My power, and full of My glory.

Use your eyes of faith, My child, as you stand there in your robe of righteousness. Look deep into your eyes and keep on looking until you see My eyes staring back at you through yours. See Me within you. Again I say, see Me within you. You are My dwelling place!

Big Kisses,