March 18, 2016

My Dearest One,

Today is the day I created for you to experience My joy, My freedom, and My love. Each and every day is My gift to you, but today, especially, I want you to know just how much I love you. When I first thought of you, when I was first dreaming you up, way back before the foundation of the world, just the very idea of you gave Me such great joy.

You can’t even imagine the atmosphere of joy and delight that was released on the day that I created you. I couldn’t help but sing a song of joy as I dreamed of you. With a huge smile on My face and a song in My heart, I was beside Myself with delight as I pondered over the days of your life and the possibilities of an eternity spent with you.

Everything about you, every detail of your life brings me delight. There is nothing about you that I dislike or reject. I don’t focus on your imperfections. They don’t distract Me from Who I created you to be in Me. Our union overrides all of that. When I look at you, I see My original intent. I see the design I had in mind. I see My masterpiece and am filled with joy and delight!

You live in such a negative, fault-based world, it is easy to get caught up in all the things that are wrong – with you, with the world, with everyone and everything around you. But that is not how My mind works. My mind is always thinking on things that are lovely and pure. My mind is always thinking of blessings and good reports. I always believe the best, see the best, and speak the best. My words edify, build-up, and heal. Trust Me, there’s enough destruction in the world without Me adding anything to it.

So today beloved, I’d like you to just bask in My love. Like a sunbathing cat lying beside a picture window. Stretch out, make yourself comfortable in the light of My love. Allow My love to cover you, even in the most vulnerable of places. As you do, let go of all the negativity that might have seeped into your thought life as of late. Let go of self-judgments and judgments of others. Take off the critical lenses that you have been viewing the world around you through and allow the light of My love to penetrate your heart.

Allow the warmth of My love to melt away any of the hardness of heart that has been formed as result of negativity. As My love envelopes you and My tenderness and My mercy engulf you, your heart will be renewed. It will become as soft and pliable as Mine, which is full of goodness, gladness, and all things beautiful.

But most importantly child, today I want you to recognize and know that you are My beloved child in whom I am well pleased. I want you to bask in your belovedness and the reality that it’s your birthright to be My favored child. In Jesus, you have become One with My firstborn Son and oh how I delight in you! My joy is overflowing because of you today!

So, enter in My child. Enter into My joy and My delight. Rejoice with Me as I rejoice over you! Being your Daddy and watching you, My dream, grow and learn and become who I created you to be is glorious! You are Mine, My beloved child, Mine all Mine!

Kisses from Heaven,