March 25, 2016

My Sweet Child,

It’s easy to miss My guiding hand and still small voice in the everyday moments and details of your life. So many things vie for your attention on any given day. Also, a lot of people think that it is during their “devotion time” that I speak the loudest. But, I’m way bigger and occupy much more of your life and this planet than that.

I am in every circumstance, thought, and choice you make. I am in every emotion that you feel. I know why certain things “trigger” a certain response from you and I know why you react the way you react in every situation you face. I know the true motives of your heart and why you are the way you are. I really do “get” you. I understand everything about you, even the things you have yet to discover for yourself. I also “get” that it’s easy for you to get drawn into things before you know what’s happened. Or, that it’s all too common for you to make decisions or say things that you later regret, all because you really haven’t learned how to discern My presence, voice, or will moment by moment.

I also understand this for those who you are in relationship with as well. I understand the things that perplex and confuse you about them. I understand why they are the way they are as much as I understand why you are the way you are. And believe it or not, I also understand this for those who don’t even know Me yet. It may come as a surprise to you to know that I understand why people reject Me. I understand why their view of Me and My Son is so distorted and confused. I also understand how they came into believing what they do about Me and how to draw them into My love step by step.

All of this My child, is why My love is perfect. I love the human race right where they are, unrenewed minds and all. This is also why I tell you that you must have grace for others and allow Me to do the work! There’s nothing that you or anyone does that surprises me. It’s you that gets surprised.

But, hop up on my lap for moment child, and let me whisper something to you in your ear…

Relax. I got this! I am moving in your life right now, even in the things that you think, “no way is God in this,”  in a powerful way! I am going to work everything you’ve experienced and are experiencing together for your good. I am a master at making beautiful things out of ashes. What other people throw out as trash I use as raw material. What other people think is unusable, I choose to use.

Here’s the deal, I see everything differently than everybody else. I look beyond what is to what is becoming. I see into the realm of possibility, potential, and transformation and call it forth. I especially enjoy working with impossible people and situations. They bring Me the most glory you know. So trust Me, My child. I am right now, at this moment, orchestrating something extraordinary in your life. And guess what, I’m the only one that can bring My will to pass. I am the only one that can look beyond what appears to the root. I am the only one that can look beyond what is to what is coming. Why? Because I am the only one that truly understands and can mend the human heart. There’s only one God – ME! So again I say, relax My child! I got this! Trust Me to finish the good work I’ve begun. I finish what I start.

Big Gigantic Kisses from Heaven,