April 8, 2016

My Sweet Child,

Haven’t you heard? I have called you to cast your cares upon Me and to not worry about or stress over anything, ever!

Not only is worrying a huge waste of your time, it’s one of the enemy’s favorite strategies to use against you. Why? Because it hijacks your spiritual sight by magnifying the problem instead of Me and zaps your strength by stealing your joy. It also weakens your faith and causes you to defeat yourself by speaking fear-filled words instead of faith-filled ones. You see, the enemy knows that the only authority he has is what you can be tricked into giving him.

But beloved, I have filled you with My Spirit so that you would be able to supernaturally resist the temptation to worry. One of My favorite nicknames for Holy Spirit is “Standby” because He’s always on standby, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to put the “super” in the “natural.” He loves manifesting Jesus’ victory over darkness! He loves enlightening the eyes of your understanding and inspiring faith-filled imaginations and visions. He loves filling your mouth with faith-filled prayers and words that release heaven. But most of all, He just loves helping you!

Remember, you are not expected, nor equipped, to overcome anything all by yourself. It’s My grace that makes the impossible possible. It’s My power that works miracles on your behalf. My only expectation of you is that you let Me be Me! So, place your cares, concerns, and the weight of the things that you are facing in My inbox. Delegate your problems to Me. Let Me be the problem solver. Let Me be the way-maker. It’s a lot easier than you might think. Let Me show you how.

Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you are concerned about right now. Write down the things that are bothering you. Write down anything that seems like a problem. Also, include the things that seem impossible; things that unless I do, aren’t going to happen.

Then, close your eyes and see yourself bringing this list to Me. Come into My study where I’m writing this love letter to you right now. Interrupt Me and let Me know you’ve got some things you need to give Me. Then sit down and review your list with Me. Don’t feel like you have to rush through it. Take whatever time you need to get things off of your chest.

Then, when you’re ready, put the list in My inbox that is sitting here on My desk. I’ll make sure that everything gets handled. There are lots of angels right outside of My office just waiting on their next assignment. They love their job of bringing heaven to earth, and they especially love when it involves ministering to you. They know that you really are My favorite and that you can interrupt Me in My study as much as you like. After all, it is your office too, since we are One.

I love you favored one. You fill My heart with joy!

Kisses from Heaven,