May 13, 2016

My Sweet Child,

Voices. Voices. Voices. So many voices. So many opinions.

Sifting through the words you hear isn’t easy. Sorting through the waves of doubt, fear, and confusion they cause is even harder. But My child, if you are going to make it into the promised land, you are going to have to ask yourself the question, “Who said that?” You are going to have to learn how to tell the difference between a good and evil report. You are going to have to work through your grasshopper ways of thinking and decide once and for all who you are going to trust. In Me and the words I’ve spoken over you and your destiny, or in the opinions of men?

Yes there are giants in the land. Yes there are impossibilities in front of you.

But, that’s exactly how I’m going to be glorified through your life. I am going to do through you what is humanly impossible for you to do. I am going to do for you what you could not earn or deserve. I am going to show in you just how deep and wide and high My love for the broken actually flows.

There is no depth that you can sink to that I cannot lift you out of. There is no darkness that can hide you nor any lie that can tie you beyond My ability to set you completely and totally free. My beloved child, I am not going to leave you out in the open to be taken out by the enemy’s snipers. I am covering you with My wings and  showing you the way of escape.

Don’t worry about those who have accused you, maligned you, and slandered you.

They will trip over their own words. And, here’s the deal sweetheart, their words were never Mine. Their opinions were never Mine. So for goodness sake, for My goodness sake, don’t take them to heart. Do not allow them to influence you. Do not allow them to discourage you.

Instead, choose life! Choose Me!

Choose to focus on what I’ve said. Choose to believe My good report. Choose to speak what I have spoken over you. Choose to take a stand and be an overcomer. Choose to focus on Me and My ability. Choose to put on Christ and stand your ground in Me!

I cannot fight your battles if you run from them.

So, stand up in Me My brave one and stand your ground! I AM with you and in you! Therefore, I AM on the scene. And, I will lead you all the way into the promised land. I will give you the victory. I will fight the battles for you!

The giants will fall, the naysayers will be proven wrong, and the grasshopper image that you used to carry around as though it was yours will finally be stripped away.

Believe Me My child and trust in Me!

Kisses from heaven,