May 20, 2016

My Sweet Child,

Do you know how proud I am of you?

Do you have any idea how much I love watching you and cheering you on as you run your race? You are running well. You are taking ground with every step you take. I know it feels like you’re running in circles going nowhere sometimes. But each time you make a lap you are actually going higher. You are seeing things from a higher perspective. Think of it like climbing a mountain. You may need to go around and around to get to the top, but every time you circle the mountain you are higher than you were before.

The cadence of your race should be governed by My grace.

Today, as you run, I’d like to encourage you to adjust your stride a bit. I’m concerned about your pace. You need to slow down so that you can take in the scenery around you. I want you to make sure that you are running from a position of rest. It’s absolutely pointless to push yourself to get somewhere that only I can take you.

This life I’ve called you to live in the Spirit, it isn’t a sprint.

It’s not about how fast you run or reaching the finish line. It’s about adventure, wonder, and new discoveries. It’s about experiencing the journey and breathing in the beauty that surrounds you each and every day. I want you to take the time you need along the way. Time to rest, time to reflect, and time to dream.

I want you to be led by the inner compass of your heart.

As you listen to your heart, you’ll know what course corrections you need to make along the way. You’ll also know which path to choose when there are forks in the road. But best of all, you’ll find yourself in places that make your heart leap. You’ll want to pinch yourself to make sure you’re awake as you run smack dab into the fulfillment of your dreams.

I love you My child and I love watching you run!

Kisses from Heaven,