June 3, 2016

My Beloved,

Walking on water isn’t hard. It’s like everything else I’ve called you to do – it’s impossible!

If it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t have to rely on Me to be the one doing it through you. You could handle it all on your own. But that’s not the way I designed you to function, My love. No, I designed you to have a source outside of and greater than yourself. I created you to supernaturally live and move and have your being inside of Me. Then I put myself inside of you so that My identity and potential would be what defines you.

You are not merely human. You are of divine origin – born from above, filled with My Spirit, animated by My Breath.

Nothing is impossible for Me, therefore nothing is impossible for you. The limitations you are currently experiencing are self-imposed. I say this not to condemn you but to encourage you. I want you to believe for bigger-than-you things. I want you to believe for things that require Me to be Me.

I want you to dream dreams that are so impossibly big that when I bring them to pass, they demonstrate just how impossibly good I really am.

I want you to believe in the “Me in you.” I want you to believe in My unlimited potential. I want you to believe in My ability to work through, and yes, even in spite of you if necessary. I also want you to believe that My righteousness, grace, and power is enough. Because it is.

I have clothed you in My Son, beloved. Your life is hidden in Christ, the preeminent One!

I am holding nothing back from you, my child. I’ve already given you all that I have to give. His name is Jesus. In Him, all things exist. Everything that I am is in Him, including you. When I look at you, I see Us. There is no separation between you, Me, and My Son. We are as Jesus said, “The Father and I are One.” We are one in heart, mind, and spirit.

I know that this isn’t how you usually tend to see yourself. But that’s ok.

As your Dad, it’s my job to remind you of your identity. I am the source of it and no one knows you better than Me. I delight in reminding you of who you are and encouraging you to believe for more. I like a good challenge, My child. I like being your impossibly good Dad.

So today, rest in knowing this. When life feels impossible. Don’t sweat it. What you’re facing might be bigger than you. But it’s never bigger than Me.

Kisses From Heaven,