June 10, 2016


It’s freedom time!  

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day of freedom. Today is the day to experience all that My Son has purchased for you. Walk into the light of your union with Me and experience My glorious freedom, child.

The chains that appear to bind you are just an illusion. Who My Son set free is free indeed!

Allow Me to lead you and guide you into all truth, especially the truth that we are One! Allow me to expose the tactics of the enemy that attempt to separate us in your mind. It’s the illusion of separation that holds you captive. Abiding in the truth that you abide in Me is the truth that will make you free.

When I said to come to Me when you are heavy burdened, it’s more than just coming before Me. It’s stepping into Me. Your place of rest is not just with Me, it’s inside of Me.

This is the home that Abraham longed to see. This is the reality that the prophets of old longed to experience but could only prophesy about. You are the generation that has become My dwelling place. My body has become your body. Your body has become Mine. We are One!

In Me, the battle has already been won. You’re freedom is an accomplished fact.

When you find yourself attempting to fight your own battles, step inside of Me. When you feel overwhelmed or confused, melt into Me. If you feel burned out or weary, rest in Me. I am your portion. Your way of escape is Me!

Sin, poverty, sickness and, yes, even death, no longer have dominion over you. You live and move and have your being in Me.

You are sinless, rich, in health, and forever alive because you are united with Me. So come to Me my child by stepping into Me. Step into the secret place of My heart and I will speak to yours. I will shine the light on you and show you the truth. I will reveal the specific things, the lies, that are hindering you from experiencing My abundant life. I will uproot the lies the enemy planted in your heart. I know where the unbelief is hiding and what it is keeping you from experiencing that I’ve freely given.

I love you My child, more than you could ever imagine. I am your wholeness and victory!

Kisses From Heaven,