June 17, 2016

My Precious One,

Oh how I love these times with you. Oh how I adore revealing more of Myself to you. Even when it seems I’m repeating myself a thousand times. I never tire of it because I never tire of being with you!

I am always available to you right where you are at. You don’t have to try and pretend you’re further along than you actually are.

I am a patient Dad. And I know what it is like to live in and experience a world full of trials and distractions. I’ve experienced it first hand, through My Son. Take the time that you need to draw yourself away and become mindful of Me. Learning to still your inner atmosphere is worth the time it takes to do so.

Breathe My Spirit in right now. Feel My Presence expanding your lungs.

Then, breathe out the distractions, the cares and the heaviness of the things that have been weighing you down. Now, breathe in again child. Isn’t that better? Notice how My Presence is both light and heavy at the same time. Take as many breaths of life as you need for I am your sustenance. Allow Me to take all of your those burdens. I am the only one who can bear them well. Look! My shoulders are strong. They are strong enough to take on everything you will ever face.

When you insist on carrying those burdens you start to break down.

But I am your light and I will lighten you and your load. It is My joy to see you travel light. I want you skipping along the paths I have for you, just like a child who knows they can laugh and play. I give you permission to be carefree. Will you give yourself permission to be carefree? Will you trust Me to take care of you, everyone, and everything that concerns you? I am better than you know, My precious one. I am a happy God who wants My kids to be happy like Me.

So, go ahead My child. Laugh at those burdens.

See how silly they are in light of Me and who I have created you to be? Laugh outloud. LOL, ha ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA! See how fast burdens shrink and disappear when you laugh at them with Me? See how small they are when you sit on My lap and laugh at them with Me? You grow bigger, just as big as Me, as you laugh – growing into the true size of who you really are in Me.

My joy is for the taking anytime. Just climb up on My lap and laugh with Me.

Laughing when it doesn’t make sense is how victory is released. Remember, it the foolish things that confound earthly wisdom. My ways confound “responsible thinking,” You are not responsible to do the impossible. I am! You don’t do the heavy lifting. I do!

Travel light, My child. Be confident in Me. I am more than you have ever known Me to be.

I am orchestrating amazing things on your behalf. Oh yes! I have surprises! So cast your cares on Me. Skip more, dance more and laugh more. Have the courage to be carefree in the midst of a world that wants to wear you down with loads of cares. Dare to trust that I have your back, front and everywhere in between. You have permission and a mandate to enjoy Me, enjoy being you and enjoy your life and the people around you.

It thrills Me when you do!

Kisses from Heaven,