June 24, 2016

My Precious One,

You’ve really been on my mind this week!

But, that’s really no different than any other week. I am always mindful of you and thinking about you. It brings Me great joy! You know how you like to think and dream about the things that give you pleasure? It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts. Well, that’s the way it is when I think about you. You bring Me such great pleasure.

I love thinking about you, watching over you, and dreaming up surprises for you. I never tire of it!

In case you are wondering, I never get distracted, too busy, or lose track of you. Not even for a moment. And yes beloved, I am keenly aware of the things that you are facing. I know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling. I live inside of you. How could I not be? I even experience what you go through when you feel distant from Me. I experience you not experiencing Me. There’s simply nothing about you that is hidden from Me, My child.

Because I am always in you, I am always with you. I’m always available.

But don’t worry, I don’t get mad or upset when you lose track of Me. I don’t get mad when it’s been a while, a long while even, since you’ve acknowledged Me. I am just thrilled to hang out with you whenever. I understand and remember what it’s like to be human – to wear an earthly body that gets distracted, tired and is subject to temptations left and right.  

I do not judge your humanity, My child. I redeemed it. And in Me, you have transcended it.

But, I am happy to remind you of My presence and so very thankful for the time we do spend together. Even if it is just you talking with Me about your needs and worries or asking for encouragement. I love taking care of you and encouraging you. And, I know the just the words you need to hear.

Today, I want you to know that the plans I have for you are brighter, more joyful, more thrilling, and wilder than your wildest dreams.

And no, it is not too late. The world’s “too late” is My “just getting started.” So, stop trying to figure it out. What if you can’t? What if My dreams for you are bigger than you? Plus, you don’t have to figure it out. Just trust Me as I unveil all My surprises for you. I am coordinating a symphony of good things for you and your loved ones. They are My loved ones too, remember?

So, let Me be Me and do what only I can do. Sound like a plan?

Kisses from Heaven,