July 1, 2016

My Child,

You are right on the verge, on the edge, on the cusp of some of the biggest breakthroughs of your life.

Don’t allow the voices of doubt and confusion to drown out the shouts and songs of deliverance I’m shouting and singing over you. When things looks the worst it’s actually the best time for a breakthrough. When things seem utterly hopeless, that’s the best time for a miracle. Why? Because it’s then and only then, that you have to totally depend on Me.

And you guessed it! I am totally Dependable! My word never returns void. When I speak, it just is.

The power of My words is beyond your ability to imagine. Remember when I said, “Let there be light?” What happened? Light manifested. In fact, the power that was released by those four words is still in operation today. There is nothing that is too big or too hard for Me.

So why is it that people don’t always see breakthrough? Why do some seemingly lose battle after battle?

The answer to these questions is of course as varied as the people and the situations in which they find themselves. But, what’s important is recognizing the voice that is usually behind these questions. The voice of doubt is subtle. It wants you to focus on the wrong thing. It tempts you to look at other people’s lack of results, and then doubt that I’m working on your behalf.

Remember when the voice of doubt tempted Eve? It got her focus off of Me and onto the fruit. But, you must stay focused on Me!

Fill your mind with faith-filled testimonies – those times when miracles were released through people who trusted, believed, and relied completely on Me. Then decide once and for all, you too, are going to trust and lean entirely on Me to do the impossible.

Drown out the voice of doubt. Shout and sing songs of deliverance with Me!

Kisses from Heaven,