July 29, 2016

My Precious One,

Today I’m delighting in thinking about you and the plans I have for you.

I’ve written a whole book about you and your life, you know. I keep it in My study and read through it often. It’s an action adventure story, full of faith exploits and surprises. And, of course the ending is heavenly. We end up spending an eternity of bliss together.

Now is the time for you to dream big, My child!

I am a God of adventure and I love it when My kids dream dreams as big as Me. I know that isn’t always easy. You live in a world where the enemy is always trying to steal things, including, and sometimes especially the desire and ability to dream. He tries to make life about survival where dreams seem unnecessary or even a dangerous luxury.

But I made you to be a dreamer just like Me!

I made you in My image and I am the greatest Dreamer there is. And, do you want to know one of My biggest dreams? You! You are My dream come true. When I dreamed you up, I outdid Myself. All heaven was wowed when you came into being.

Now it’s your turn to imitate Me. Dream, My child. Dream!

Yes, I know dreaming can sometimes seem scary. It forces you to confront all kinds of fear. But bring those fears to me, sweet one. Yes, the world promises much and chronically disappoints. But, I am the Promise Keeper, your Dream Fulfiller, and I do not disappoint.

Don’t let the past define what can happen in your future.

I am the God of limitless possibilities. I am not only able and willing, I am overjoyed to fulfill even the most impossible of dreams. But more importantly child, I am here to help you believe. My grace is sufficient, child. I heal your heart everywhere it has been disappointed and fill your heart with hope and faith.

It’s not as hard as you think, My child.

In the end, all that is really required is your child like trust in Me. Here’s the deal. What I promise, I deliver. Period. The whole universe is at My disposal. In fact, I am constantly creating more universe because the universe cannot contain Me.

And yes, you qualify! We are family. We are in this together.

The fact that you are My child is what qualifies you to dream with Me and expect Me to partner with you to bring those dreams to pass. The only problem you really have is that your dreams are too small. I delight when My kids give Me something to work with!

But don’t worry, if you need to start small and “work your way up,” that’s fine. I’m your Dad. It’s My joy to fulfill dreams big and small.

So how about it, child? Why not take some time today to start a new dream journal. Write down all of your dreams. Small dreams, big dreams, impossible dreams, and “just-because-it-would-be-awesome” dreams.

Start fresh and dream with Me, child. There’s no limit at what you and I can do together!

Kisses from Heaven,