August 5, 2016

My Precious One,

I am here. I am always here. Where am I going to go?

You are My home, My dwelling place, My temple. I live inside of you. Step into Christ, My child, and rest. Put on Christ, My child, and experience eternal life. Being in Me isn’t a place you visit. It’s the place you live and move and have your being.

Union with Me is your true reality. Everything else is just a grand illusion.

I know that you sometimes feel disconnected from Me. But beloved, your feelings don’t always tell you the truth. The distance you feel between Us isn’t real. The silence you sometimes experience in prayer isn’t because I’m not speaking. That’s just the enemy trying to trick you.

I never leave or abandon you. I don’t ignore My kids. I don’t neglect My bride.

How could I ignore My own Body? How could I ignore My own Mind? Our oneness is constant way of life for Me. It’s an established fact. When I baptized you into Christ and joined My Spirit with yours, I finished the job. We’re one whether you perceive it or not.

A demonstration of My perfect love is desperately needed, child. The world thinks I’m someone I’m not!

The world is hurting, My child. People are self-medicating in all kinds of ways because they aren’t receiving the love they need. When you’re designed to run on perfect love, the pain of living without it is excruciating. The darkness and lack of peace can be overwhelming.

But, telling the world I love them isn’t sufficient. They need to experience My love as real.

Can I use you, My child, as the demonstration the world needs? Can I demonstrate My love through you? Then abide in Me and let Me love you like never before. Be the Beloved, child. Be one with Me.

Put on My perfection and allow My perfect love to cast out every trace of fear.

As you do, My fearless love will have its way. It will not fail. It will dispel the darkness and heal the brokenhearted. The Jesus in you will be the answer the world’s been looking for and My true identity, as Perfect Love, will be revealed for the world to see.

Kisses from Heaven,