August 19, 2016

My Beloved,  

Wow! Look at how you’re growing!

I have been watching over you and I am so proud of the way you’re growing. I know it is sometimes hard to see the progress you are making when you’re the one that’s growing and changing. It can even seem like you’re going backwards or falling behind at times.

But remember, dear one, I am the Gardener.

I am the One who planted you. I am the One who is shining the light on you. I am the One who is watering you. I am the One who is speaking the blessings over you. Yes, that’s right. I talk to My plants. I even sing over them.

Beloved, you are My planting. I will be glorified through you! (Isaiah 61:3)

In the same way that I spoke “let there be…” in the beginning and created something spectacular, I am speaking “let there be…” over you each and every day. The new thing I am planning to do through you is continually developing, growing, and springing forth. You are growing taller, stronger, and more like Me with every breath you take.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that you should be further along.

Some growth can’t be measured by looking on the outside. When your roots are being lengthened and strengthened, you won’t be able to see much progress on the outside. But remember, growth spurts don’t just happen. They are the result of months and even years of underground and hidden growth.

You are about to experience a series of suddenlies.

Be encouraged, child. Things are about to break. It may feel like you’ve lost ground or even gone backwards. But, that’s just your perception of things. In reality, it was Me pulling you back towards myself like a slingshot that is about to be released.

I’m going to use you. The so-called giant is about to fall.

Kisses from Heaven,