August 26, 2016

My Favorite Child,  

Things can change in an instant!

Have you read Genesis 1 lately? If not, maybe you should again. You need to be reminded of Whose image you were created in. You need to be reminded of Who you are imitating. You need to be reminded of how real work, the supernatural kind, gets accomplished.

Don’t focus on problems. Focus on transforming them. Don’t talk about darkness. Call forth light!

Remember, what you focus on grows. So imitate Me, My child. Shift your focus! Focus on the things I’ve spoken to you. Focus on the vision I’ve shown you. Focus on who I’ve called you to be. Focus on what we’re creating. Focus! Focus! Focus!

And then, when you can see it clearly, write it all down. Write it down in as much detail as you can.

A written vision provides concrete evidence of what already exists in the spirit. In fact, it’s the first phase of manifestation! The words you write, the pictures you draw, and the other ways that you document the vision are the first fruits of its manifestation. But, that’s just the beginning. Don’t stop there. Turn up the heat!

Call the vision forth! Use My name. Use My authority. Use My power. Transform the seen with the unseen.

The things that I have in mind for you may seem impossible. The words that I have prophesied over you may seem unfathomable. Abraham thought the same thing. But, My child, transforming your self-image and the life you are living, is actually really simple. It’s as simple as saying, “Let there be…”

“Let there be…” are three of the most powerful words on the planet.

Everything you see was created with “Let there be…” So what makes you think that what we’re creating will happen another way?  Calling things that be not is how you were created to talk. Transforming the seen is your true work.

So, don’t look at the darkness. Don’t look at the void. Shift your focus, child.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. Let’s focus on the vision and say “Let there be…!”

Kisses from Heaven,