September 2, 2016

My Amazing Child,  

My mind is made up. It’s your opinion that needs to change.

I see you clearly. I always have. It’s you who needs new lenses. You still relate to yourself as though you’re someone you’re not. You think you’re still a caterpillar, when you’ve become a butterfly! But beloved, it’s time to stop thinking of yourself that way.

You will never rise above the opinion you have of yourself. It’s time to upgrade your opinion of yourself and agree with Me.

As long as you think you’re a caterpillar you’ll act like one, even though it’s time to fly. So go ahead, My child, set down those caterpillar ways and learn to be who I’ve created you to be. Own your true identity and get comfortable in your new skin. You’re a brand new creature, a whole new species of being. Your skin is My skin. As One, we can fly!

The limitations you’ve been experiencing exist only in your mind.

Flying isn’t impossible. You were born for it. Just because you’ve never done it, doesn’t mean you can’t. Take a leap of faith. Trust that you won’t fall. My Spirit will lift you higher and you’ll see things from a whole new perspective.

Stop thinking it’s not your time. Who told you that?

That wasn’t My voice. That’s not My way. I’m constantly beckoning you higher, bidding to you to rise up and do the impossible. The only thing holding you back is what you believe about yourself. That’s not humility, My child, that’s unbelief. If you believe you’re waiting, you will. If you believe it’s time, you’ll go for it.

Listen clearly, My child. Hear Me now. It’s your time to fly! It’s your time to soar!

You are not waiting on Me. I am waiting on you. Waiting on you to agree with Me and recognize what I already see.

Kisses from Heaven,