September 9, 2016

My Anointed Child,  

You are the child of a King! And, not just any King – the King of Kings!

Don’t let anyone or anything cause you to forget your true identity. Look at yourself through the eyes of faith. See yourself arrayed in royal garments. Feel the crown of righteousness resting on your head. Kiss the royal signet ring you wear on your right hand.

You are seated in heavenly places in Me, My child. You’re identity is eternally established.

I want you to be secure in who you are in Me. I want you to be confident in who I’ve created you to be. I want you to embrace your unique strengths and yes, even your weaknesses in the same way that I do. I want you to hold your head up high, stand tall, and declare “I am My Father’s favored child!”

Ruling and reigning with Me is your destiny, your birthright.

It’s time you experience the reality of your royal heritage. Receive more of My grace, child. Receive more of My provision, beloved. There’s more than enough, too much really, of everything you need in My house. Learning to receive what is already yours isn’t optional. Otherwise, you’ll live far below Our means.

You are a channel for My goodness, My glory, and My grace. The abundance of My house flows through you!

If you need something, just ask Me and receive it. If someone else needs something, just ask Me and receive it on their behalf. I want to use you to demonstrate My true nature. I am a good Father who delights in giving His kids His kingdom. You were never designed to live in poverty, lack, or under the curse of the fall. Wealth and riches are in Our house!

The way you perceive yourself matters. As you stand up in your Royal Identity,  the seen realm will recognize you as you.

The giants will no longer perceive you as a grasshopper, simply because you no longer perceive yourself as such. The transformation you are seeking outside is waiting on a transformation inside. See yourself as you truly are, My royal offspring.

Recognize yourself and see what I see.

Kisses from Heaven,