September 16, 2016

Come up higher my beloved!

Climb up on My lap. Sit with Me in the heavenly places in Christ.

I want you to know Me intimately. I want to share My heart with you. I want you to hear My thoughts. Remember, My Son not only died for you, He died as you. You now live and move and have your being in Me.

Anything and everything that could ever separate us has been destroyed.

As a result, we are eternally connected, Spirit to Spirit. You have inside-out access to my heart. There are mysteries, secrets, and hidden treasures that I want to reveal to you. Keys that unlock heaven’s bounty and doors to abundant life. Things that can only be accessed through intimacy and first-hand knowledge of My heart toward you.

I want you to be like King David. Chase and pursue My heart. Become a student of my heart.

I have emotions that I want you to feel, desires that I want you to desire, and awesome dreams that require your participation. It would be amazing, truly I’d be overjoyed, if you’d plan some extra extended time with Me. I know your life is full and there are many ways that you could spend your time. But, there are things that I want to speak to you.

There are questions that I want to answer. There is revelation that I want to give you.

I want to release more knowledge, insight, and understanding to you. I want to give you direction and instructions. I want to share My thoughts with you, explain things and help you apply wisdom to the situations you are facing. I am your teacher, your coach, and your guide. I am your helper. I always know exactly what kind of help you need. Everything you need is found in Me. Everything you desire is found in My presence.

In My presence is the fullness of joy and at My right hand pleasures forevermore.

Remember, Martha exalted doing above knowing. She exchanged the things that seemed good for the one who IS GOODNESS personified. There are many things to occupy your heart and mind. There is much that competes for your time. But I am calling you higher. I am inviting you to into a deeper level of knowing Me and My heart. Can you hear Me calling your name?

My Heart Longs for You.

Oh how My heart longs to be with you. I want to be your Rewarder, your Source, your Abundant Supply. Here’s My promise if you’ll answer My call…

“… and He rewards those who come seeking.” – Hebrews 11:6 (The Voice)

So climb up on My lap, beloved, and make some time for Us. Things look completely different from My perspective. Mountains look like ant hills and giants look like ants. There’s nothing that’s impossible or hard for Me, which means the same for you.

Kisses from Heaven,