September 30, 2016

My Beloved,

This week’s word can be summed up by the title of one of Journey’s biggest hits… “Don’t stop believing!”

It’s time to face the giant, look him straight in the eyes, and say, “You cannot intimidate me anymore. I am who God says I am. I will do what He says I will do. And, today I will possess the territory that you’ve been trying to convince me is impossible for me to occupy.”

Today, place your foot squarely on the territory that I’ve given you and declare “This is mine, in Jesus’ name. I take full ownership of the assignment on my life.”

No demon in hell can stop you. No one can stand in your way. You are My ambassador, My sent one, to manifest heaven on earth. The gifts and callings that I’ve given to you are without repentance. They will reveal My goodness, grace, and abundance to the world.

So, stop running from what I’ve already defeated for you. Turn around, face the illusions of lack and fear and run towards the promised land.

Every step of obedience you take will come with resistance. Just like when Jesus crossed over to the other side. It will take great discernment in those times to recognize what’s what, since the enemy always blames storms on Me.

But beloved, I don’t send storms to teach My kids anything. That’s not the kind of Daddy I am. It’s the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy.

But don’t you worry, My child, I’m way ahead of the enemy. What he means for harm, always backfires. I turn it around, use it against him, and manifest my glory through it.

You are more powerful than any storm. And, now is the time for you to speak “Peace. Be Still.”

It’s time for you to speak to the mountains, to the giants, and to the storms that have for far too long intimidated you. It’s time to stand up in your true identity and manifest Sonship. It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin, My skin, and operate as though we are really One.

Creation will bow down. The storms will dissipate. And, the mountains will be thrown into the sea.

The giants won’t even look like a giants anymore because you’ll be seeing them from inside of Me.

Kisses from Heaven,