October 7, 2016

My Sweet Child,

With so much going on in the world, there’s a lot of things that steal your focus. But, there’s only one thing you need to focus on – My goodness.

I want you to purpose in your heart, each and every morning when you wake up, that you are going to magnify My goodness. Start your day with gratitude. Begin thanking Me for the breath in your lungs, for a roof over your head, and another day to live in union with Me.

Begin to remind yourself of all of the good things that are in you in Christ Jesus.

Thank Me for making you holy, righteous, complete and perfect in Christ. Thank Me for sending Jesus and co-crucifying you with Him so that nothing would ever separate Us again. Whatever good thing comes to mind. Thank Me for it. Magnify My goodness. Magnify My goodness!

Do you have any idea how big My goodness actually is?

It’s bigger than your “badness.” It’s bigger than all of humanity’s “badness.” In fact, My goodness is so incredibly big that “badness” becomes invisible in comparison with it. Humanity’s “badness”, sin, evil, or unrighteousness, whatever you want to call it, is smaller than the smallest invisible subatomic particle, when compared to My goodness.

This is why where sin does abound, My grace does much more abound. The enemy’s evil, as evil as it is, doesn’t hold a candle to My goodness.

I make beautiful things out of ashes. I make kings out of orphans and heros out of failures. I make new things out of dead things and the ugly things gorgeous. I make the foolish wise and the poor rich. The things that the world despises I have specifically chosen.

So, stop magnifying the enemy’s destruction – in your life, in this country, in the world. Instead, magnify My goodness.

I make desolate places into a garden. And, I have called you to do the same. I’m not intimidated by darkness. I’m motivated by it. I’m not offended by sin. I overcame it. I am not afraid of death. I defeated it. Magnify My goodness, child. Magnify Me!

My goodness is My glory and the knowledge of it will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

So how about we start with you? Can I use you to fulfill My promise? Can I fill you with the knowledge of My goodness? Then, magnify My goodness child and watch the “badness” disappear.

Kisses from Heaven,