October 14, 2016

My Favored Child,

You’ve been running your race in the face of great resistance, but today you broke through.

You broke through enemy lines and conquered the accuser that’s been antagonizing you. He’s been using all kind of things – people, circumstances, and especially your own thoughts, to try and cause you to faint. But, instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, you just kept running. Well done, My child, well done!

I know you know this, but sometimes I still like to remind you.

In the race you are running, you aren’t competing with other people. Your battle isn’t against flesh and blood. Your opponent is the enemy who is constantly at work trying to defeat you by building strongholds in your mind.

It’s so easy to forget that the battlefield is in the mind.

First the enemy manipulates the circumstances against you. Then he bombards your mind with discouraging and worrisome thoughts. His goal is to cause you to faint. He knows that if he can win the battle in your thought life, he can win the battle for your destiny.

But, you are a champion, child! You are an overcomer!

You’ve refused to listen to the voice of the stranger. You’ve recognized his tactics and resisted his lies. You, like Abraham, have chosen to grow strong in faith by giving glory to Me! You, like Jesus, have chosen to despise the shame and for the joy of the victory set before you, endure the pain of the moment. And you, My child, are making supernatural progress whether you realize it not.

Your internal strength is much greater than the external pressure. You will not be denied!

The road ahead is smooth sailing. The miles and miles of uphill struggle are over. You’re about to hit your stride and enter into ease. You are gaining momentum. Supernatural acceleration has kicked in.

Follow My favor! Follow My grace! Leave toil and struggle in the dust!

Jump into My divine flow. Experience the difference between labor and rest. Join the cadence of My grace. Enter into My rest and run with Me, child. Run with Me! It’s as simple as staying connected to My voice and asking Me, “What’s the next step, Papa?”

The very next step is the only one you need to know. Anything more and you’ll be tempted to take the lead.

Your childlike trust is all that’s needed. I know where we’re going. You can relax and enjoy the journey. As you follow My lead, step-by-step, we’ll get where we’re going. And as we run, the voice of the stranger, the one that is often mistaken for self-accusation, will fade away in the distance.

Kisses from Heaven,