November 11, 2016

My Favored Child,

Abide in My love. Rest in My favor. Experience being My favorite!

Seriously child, I want you to begin to put faith in the fact that you are My favorite child. I want you to begin to expect My divine favor to manifest in your life like never before. Anticipate the best. Expect angelic intervention. Be prepared to get “the royal treatment.” Look for new doors of opportunity. Get used to being regarded as special.

The kingdom of God isn’t a place where promotions are earned or deserved. My favor is unmerited.

This isn’t boy scouts or girl scouts. You aren’t earning merit badges of My love. You are My child – My cherished, unique, one-of-a-kind child! I love you beyond your ability to comprehend or understand. Jesus demoted himself for your sake. He earned the victor’s crown so He could give it to you. You were baptized into Him so that you could simply enjoy the benefits of His Sonship.

You have an eternal, unchanging place in My heart. You didn’t earn it and you can’t lose it. You were My idea. You begin and end in Me!

But, here’s the challenge. I can’t bless you beyond your ability to receive it. I can’t do for you what you think you don’t deserve. I need you to get your eyes completely off of you and look at Me. I am the only one who truly knows you. I am the only one who can see the fullness of who I created you to be in Me. I must define you. I must be the Source of your identity.

And today, beloved, I am telling you that YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! YES, YOU!

Sit with Me awhile and let these words sink in. Say them over and over again to yourself. Say, “I am Daddy God’s favorite. I am my Abba’s favorite. I am loved beyond My ability to comprehend or understand. So, I’m just going to believe it. I am Daddy God’s favorite!”

Now say it again, and again, and again. Say it in the morning. Say it before you go to bed.

Say it until you are saying it when you don’t even mean to be saying it. Say it until you believe it. And even more importantly, say it until you experience it. Why? Because beloved, what good is it to have been given the greatest gift ever given and never open it? So, open My favor, child. Open My love. Open your true identity – as My favorite, as the one I love beyond comprehension.  

Say it again with Me child, “I am My Daddy God’s favorite!”

Kisses from Heaven,