November 18, 2016

My Amazing Child,

Don’t be intimidated by the storm. Keep your eyes focused on Me!

There’s no reason to panic. There’s nothing to fear. The wind and the waves are no match for you. You live and move and have your being in Me! You’ve got this! Keep going!

Focus, My child. Focus. See things from My perspective.

Do I look worried? Do I seem concerned? No! Walking on water is fun. Use your eyes of faith and you’ll see Me smiling. Listen with the ears of your heart and you’ll hear Me laughing. What the enemy means for harm, I intend to use for good. What the enemy is using against you, will be used against him.

His resistance against you is laughable. He acts like he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, he really is deceived.

If he would have known what was going to happen, he wouldn’t have crucified Jesus. And, if he could see what I see, he wouldn’t be messing with you. Jesus is alive and well, living inside of you. He’s doing the same works He’s always done, except now He’s using you. Any weapon the enemy forms against you will backfire. He’ll shoot himself in the foot.

So, keep going, My child. The storm isn’t nearly as powerful as it appears. 

Keep believing. Keep speaking. Keep walking on water. The wind and the waves have no authority over you. Continue to rely on your spiritual senses. Follow My lead. Speak what you hear Me speaking. Do what you see Me doing. Call things that be not as though they were. Take authority over the storm and command the mountains to move. 

Rest assured. The natural realm recognizes the Christ in you. So do the hosts of heaven.

There are angels on assignment escorting you every step of the way. They know We are in this together. Your words are My words. Your steps of faith are My steps. And, while the path We are on is narrow, it is necessary. It’s blazing a trail behind Us for others. Your victory will become others’ victory. Your example will be followed.

Kisses from Heaven,