November 27, 2015

My Precious One,

Today is a great day to celebrate! Why?

Because you live and move and have your being in Me!

Do you realize what this means? It means that through Christ you have been planted smack dab right in the middle of Perfect Love. Through your union with Jesus, you have joined the eternal triune perfection and oneness of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Do you get just how revolutionary this is??? Seriously, think about it, dwell on it, visualize it, rejoice in it with Me for a moment won’t you?

You’re in Jesus and Jesus is in you.

The Jesus in you is in Me and I’m in the Jesus in you

The Spirit in Jesus in you is in Me and I’m in the Spirit in Jesus in you.

Whoa! What a beautiful mystery! What a glorious reality! We’ve got a reason to celebrate alright! And, let Me let you in on another little secret. As you meditate on this truth, you will experience it more and more. Remember when My Son said, ”And be sure to put into practice what you hear. The more you do this, the more you will understand what I tell you,” (Mark 4:24 TLB)? Well, He wasn’t kidding. If you’ll spend time letting the reality of our union sink into your consciousness, you’ll begin to understand things from a completely different perspective.

In fact, our union must become the foundation of every other belief that you carry about Me, about us, and about the Kingdom. For if our forever union isn’t a settled fact in your mind, you’ll misinterpret a lot of other things. You’ll end up asking Me for stuff that you already possess through your union with Me in Christ. You’ll try and be something that you already have become through your union with Me in Christ. The enemy will also be able to tempt you to base our relationship on something you do rather on what my Son already did.

So my child, let’s just agree. Promise Me that you’ll put into practice the things I’m sharing with you today. Promise Me that you’ll spend time meditating on your union with Me. Just ask Holy Spirit for help. He’s brilliant. He loves to enlighten the eyes of your understanding and give vivid dreams, imaginations, and mental images of who you are in Christ.

Ok, I’m excited. It’s My heart’s desire, more than any other, to see you experience our union. Because I know that when you do, it will revolutionize everything in your life. You’ll recognize just how extravagantly and perfectly loved you really are and begin to experience possibilities of heaven like never before.

Big Kisses from Heaven,
Your Father with Jesus, and Holy Spirit