December 2, 2016

My Honored Child,

You are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined!

When you were born from above, you were recreated in Christ Jesus. You were literally placed inside of the One who upholds all things with the word of His mighty power. You were filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. You have been endued with unimaginable power – My power, My strength, My glory!

This power, My power, although it resides in you, is not something you can perceive with your natural senses. It must be activated by faith!

And much to most of kids’ dismay, it works best in impossible situations. It works best when there’s no way out except a miracle. Otherwise, there’s no need for Me to get involved. My power is supernatural by default.

Now is the time for My power to be released through your life in a greater measure. It’s time for what has laid dormant to erupt!

The shaking that you’ve felt around you is not an earthquake that will destroy you. It’s what was necessary to awaken you. You’ve been asleep for way too long!

Arise and shine, my child. Arise and shine!

Faith is now. Today is the day of salvation. You aren’t waiting on Me to move. I’ve been waiting on you! Step into your true identity. Connect with the greater One who lives within. Open your mouth and declare My word. Open your mouth and sing!

Sing praises to Me! Release My power in song! Sing, my powerful one, sing!

As you do, the mountains will move. The gates will open. Heaven will invade. The angels are standing by waiting for their cue. Your songs of praise will release them and cause what looked impossible to become unstoppable.

My power is in you, My child. My power is in you!

Kisses from Heaven,