December 4, 2015

My Child,

I am proud of you. I am proud to be your Father and friend. I do not look at you the way you see yourself. I see you in Christ – perfect, complete, and whole. I see you as My perfect child in whom I am well pleased. However, at times, your own perspective of yourself overshadows Mine. It hinders you from receiving everything that belongs to you in Christ. It causes you to try and perform for My affection and blessing rather than just resting in it. But here’s the thing about performing. There’s always another level. You actually never arrive.

Beloved, I do not get upset with you when you fail. I encourage you. I am your biggest fan. I cheer you on like the proud parent I am. In fact, it’s when you take a shot and miss it that I cheer the loudest. Why? Because you are on the playing field of life learning and growing with every attempt to reach the goal. I delight in watching you grow, not doing everything perfect.

Do you think I only love perfection? Well I don’t. Perfect love loves imperfection. In fact, it is loving you in your imperfection that makes My love perfect. It’s what gives My love the power to cast out fear. My love is a performance free zone. Fear only exists when failure means something about our relationship to you. Remember, there was absolutely no fear in the garden until Adam and Eve failed. After that, fear became their constant companion instead of Me.

But, My Son redeemed you. You are no longer a slave to fear. You have been immersed in My love. And, there’s nothing you could ever do to keep Me from loving you. My love is eternal, constant, and always flowing towards you. My opinion of you is not based on your performance, it’s based on who you are. I love you because you’re you!

So, here’s what I’d like you to do. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a little child around the age of 8. Then imagine that you are holding my hand as we take a walk in the park. Then give Holy Spirit the green light to take over your imagination and see what we do! I want to spend time with you today. I want to reveal just how wild I am about you My child. I want you to experience My love. So go ahead, try it. Holy Spirit is excited and so am I.

Kisses from Heaven,
Your Abba