December 11, 2015

My Child,

Today I’d really like you to think about what it means to live, move, and have your being inside of Me. I want to be your source for everything. I want you to become more conscious of My loving presence that always surrounds you and is in you. I want you to have more confidence in My love and provision and of your completeness in Me.

Because of the way you were trained to think in a fallen world, sometimes it feels easier to just live naturally. But, I am experiencing every moment of your life right along with you. My kingdom, power, and glory is an ever present reality that is always available to you. The spirit realm is just as “real” as the natural one.

Learning to walk in the Spirit is really all about “staying awake” to My presence, My voice, and My availability. When Jesus said that you would do the same works as Him and even greater ones, He wasn’t kidding. The only thing standing between you and the same kinds of miracles Jesus did, is your ability to believe.

Our oneness is a finished work. You can’t earn it or mess it up because it’s something that Jesus accomplished for you! This is why He said the only thing that you must be doing to work the works of God is to believe.

Beloved, I want to move mightily through your life. But, I need you to see yourself as you really are in Me. You carry My glory. You carry words of hope. You carry healing. You carry miracles. You carry resurrection life. All because you really, really do live, move, and have your being in Me!

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to imagine yourself as you really exist. I want you to visualize your place in Christ in Me. So many times, My kids think that a visit to the throne room would be the ultimate, but I tell you, My throne room is nothing compared to Me! You have access to Me from the inside out. How big does that make you?

Just how wild can you and Holy Spirit run in your imagination with this concept? It’s bigger, more glorious, and more infinite than anything you’ve ever experienced. But, that’s the whole point of meditation really. It’s supposed to stretch your mind so that more of Me can fit into your everyday thinking!

I love you sweet child. More than you can fathom. And, oh how My heart yearns for you to experience everything I am!

Kisses from Heaven,
Your Papa