December 16, 2016 

My Incredible Child,

It’s working. I’m working. Can’t you sense it?

The seen realm is adjusting to your steps of faith. The tide is turning. Breakthrough is here. Close your eyes. See what I see. What the enemy meant for harm is backfiring on him right now. He’s about to fall into the trap he set for you.

You are about to strip the enemy and take back what he has stolen.

Don’t look at the wind or the waves in the storm to determine how far you’ve come. Continue to focus on Me. Continue to magnify Me. When I called you out of the boat, I wasn’t asking you to do something that was possible for you.

I was asking you to trust Me to do what only I can do.

The things I have planned for you are too big for you. The finances you’ll need are more than you can earn. And, it’s going to take miracles to get the job done. Childlike faith is the only thing that I require. Trusting in Me is what you ultimately and simply are called to do.

This is the time to get back to the basics that keep you focused on Me.

Spend time in My word, in worship, and in prayer. Stay awake and alert, My child. I need you to stay connected to My voice so that you can follow My instructions step by step. You don’t need to know exactly where we are going, much less how we are going to get there.

All you need to know is that the tide is turning and I am leading you into victory.

All that I’ve promised, I will perform. All that I’ve prophesied, I will fulfill. The work in you that I’ve accomplished thus far, was Mine to begin and finish. And, I will bring all that I’ve planned to pass. I am faithful. It was Me who called you and it will be Me that will do it.

Focus on Me, child. Focus on Me. I am all you need.

Kisses from Heaven,