December 23, 2016

My Beloved Child,

I’m so excited! In a few days, we’ll be celebrating Jesus’ birthday together!

Even now, as I reflect back on the day of His birth, I’m completely undone. I feel such pride, such joy, and such overwhelming gratitude for My Son. His “yes” changed everything! In Him, My dream for sons and daughters has come true!

Today, in honor of His upcoming birthday, I asked Him to join me in writing this letter. I asked Him what He would like to say to you on His birthday. Ready to hear His response?

Dad, for My birthday this year, My wish is simple. I want all of Your kids to know just how much they are loved. I want them to experience what it’s like to be Your favored child and to never ever feel insignificant again.

I want them to hear Your amazing voice like never before, especially the way You sing over them. Because I know that if they hear You singing the love songs you wrote for them, even just one of them, they’ll be transformed.

I want them to see your face more clearly. I want them to see the look of concern You get when they forget who they are in Me and allow fear to govern their hearts. I want them to see You laugh and hear You clap with delight over the small, seemingly insignificant, ways they bring You joy each and every day.

And most of all, I want them to experience Your goodness in ways unimaginable. I want the reality of Your love for them to overwhelm them. I want them to gain complete confidence in Your goodness and trust in it no matter what.

As for My relationship with them, I want them to experience My nearness and total total acceptance. I want them to experience Me from the inside out. I want them to never feel alone or worried or afraid because I am with them, living in them. I want them to face their future with the expectation that the best is yet to come. And, I want them to know that there’s nothing they could ever do to lessen Our love for them. I want them to recognize that We made Our decision about them once and for all before the worlds began. They are Our chosen. They are Our beloved. They are Our glory!

So, there you have it child. My Christmas present to you… a birthday message from the King of Kings!

Never forget child, especially as we celebrate Jesus’ birthday this weekend, what was given to you through His birth, life, death, and resurrection. In Him, you have become new. And now, all things are now possible for you.

Merry Christmas!

Kisses from Heaven,