December 30, 2016

My Glorious Child,

As we enter the last weekend of 2016, I want you to know just how proud I am of you.

2016 has been a year of great growth even in the midst of great tribulation, transition, and resistance from the enemy. Like a lily growing among the thorns, you have not only survived, you have thrived!

From your own limited perspective, you may not realize how much you blossomed this year.

It’s impossible for you to see your own roots and it’s very difficult to gauge your own growth when you are the one that’s growing. But, if you take a moment and reflect back on where you were at the end of the last year, you’ll see what I see.

You’ve made supernatural progress! You’ve matured, you’re stronger, and you’re more resilient than ever!

Growth in difficult places isn’t for the weak. It requires a brave heart. Patient endurance isn’t easy to develop. Trust takes time to nurture and build. But, My child, the patience and trust that has blossomed in your life this year is going to catapult you into great exploits in this coming year.

Learning to wait on Me and My clear instructions is going to be necessary for where I am leading you.

The territory We are about to conquer and the giants that are about to be slain can only be taken through complete dependency on Me. You will need to move when I say move, rest when I say rest, and trust when I say trust. Doing nothing, although counter-intuitive to the flesh, is in many cases the greatest act of faith.

Self-reliance is sneaky. It feels responsible. It seems reasonable. Its voice, although not Mine, is deceptive. It can sound like Me if you haven’t learned to trust Me completely.

Over the last several years, I’ve been working diligently to develop a greater level of discernment in your life. I’ve shined the light on the things that draw you into people pleasing and agendas other than Mine. But, now is the time to put the work I’ve done in you to the test and prove that I am who I say that I am – the Master Builder and true source of your life.

Not only have you been born for such a time as this, you’ve been prepared for such a time as this.

The preparation process is not always pleasant, but it is always necessary. Accurate discernment will not be optional in the land that I’m leading you into to possess. The enemy has been occupying it as though it was his for generations. However, My righteousness in you will prevail! The enemy’s tactics will fail!

2017 is going to be year where your total dependence upon Me yields glory-filled fruit!

You have come to the end of yourself, which is exactly where you find your true self. Glorious union! Glory-filled union! This is your destiny! Relax in Me, My child. Rest in Me. This is your place of power and victory.

The dreams, desires, and plans I have for you are bigger than you’ve imagined.

When you see what I am about to accomplish through you, you’ll realize just how silly it was for you to think you could make them happen. It was Me who called you and it will be Me who accomplishes it. The Father in you will do the work. The Father in you will do what only He can do.

2017 is going to be a glorious year, My child. Patience has had its perfect work. Just watch Me move. You’re going to be left lacking nothing!

Kisses from Heaven,