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Hey there future world changer!
Ready to start writing history? I sure am.
How about we start by making 2016 go down in history as the year you stepped into the bigger-than-you, supernatural life you were born to live?
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Bonus #1:

Schlyce’s Wake Up & Change the World
2016 Guided Meditation (MP3 Download)

Bonus #2:

Schlyce’s Step into Your Purpose
2016 Prayer Declaration (PDF Download)

Bonus #3:

Schlyce’s How to Create a Life Vision Board eGuide (PDF Download)

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The Experience

Emerge School of Transformation is a 40-lesson online course and group coaching program that empowers spiritual seekers from all walks of life to find true meaning in life through a deeper “religious-free” relationship with God.


Emerge’s Spirit-centered approach to self-actualization was developed from the ground up by transformational business coach and spiritual mentor/teacher, Schlyce Jimenez, who’s been helping individuals and business leaders find God, answer life’s most important questions, and transform their lives and businesses for over 25 years.

After decades of experience helping these individuals and organizations find a higher purpose and deeper meaning for their existence, Schlyce is now, for the first time ever, offering what she’s taught, coached, and mentored in an interactive online course that can be taken anytime, anywhere through the power of technology.


Different by design, Emerge’s online curriculum is designed to lead you step-by-glorious-step into finding your own answers to what Schlyce calls “The 5 Big Q’s.” The 5 Big Q’s are not only universal to the experience of being human, but they embody some of the most important questions you’ll ever ask and answer. How you answer them has the power to transform everything in your world and launch you in the adventure of a lifetime, where you live the one and only life you’ve been given to the fullest.

The Five Big Q's


Who is God? (8 Lessons)

Whether you are just beginning a relationship with God, or have been journeying through life with Him for years, these 8 lessons will empower you to relate to God more intimately, powerfully, and tangibly.

You’ll hear His voice with more confidence and no longer wonder if He answers prayer. But be forewarned, you will also be challenged to confront and lay down religion and any other limiting concepts you’ve been carrying around about who God really is and how involved He wants to be in every area of your life.

Also included in the 1st Big Q are some spectacular bonuses:

(1) A hardcover copy of Understanding the Whole Bible

(2) A one hour Rethink Rapid Mind Renewal Session with a certified facilitator focused on removing distortions that have hindered your relationship with God


Who am I? (8 Lessons)

Ever heard the old saying “life happens?” Well it does, and as a result we sometimes end up dazed and confused about who we really are and what we want to be when we “grow up.” The issues surrounding our self-image can be complex. Sometimes we create a false persona as a reaction to things that have happened to us. Other times we become people pleasers, or follow the crowd out of a subconscious need to please or impress others.

The 2nd Big Q will unpack all of this a bit to help you discover the uniqueness of who you are and how beautiful that truly is. Included in this Big Q are some really great bonus tools to help you fulling embrace who God created you to be including:

(1) A certified Myers-Briggs personality type assessment using the officially licensed Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument

(2) A one hour consultation with a certified Myers-Briggs coach to provide interactive feedback and one-on-one consultation to verify and validate your MBTI

(3) A comprehensive 5 Love Languages assessment based on Gary Chapman’s ground breaking research

(4) A one hour Rethink Rapid Mind Renewal Session with a certified facilitator focused on realigning your self-image.


Why Am I Here? (8 Lessons)

You weren’t born to just take up space. There’s only one of you and there’s a reason, a God-given “bigger than you,” “blow your hair back” reason for your existence.

The 3rd Big Q will take you on an exciting journey into the heart of God where you’ll come face to face with your true purpose in life – unlocking the door to a life of miracles where you are supernaturally led into the future you’ve only dreamed possible. You’ll also get a couple of amazing bonuses in the 3rd Big Q including:

(1) A StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to help you discover what really makes you stand out

(2) A life changing Rethink Coaching session with one of our Certified Facilitators to help you hear, clarify, and confirm your higher purpose directly from God.


Where am I headed? (8 Lessons)

Ready to lose fear and get really, really clear?

Every journey, especially your life journey, has a beginning and an end. You may not have any say in how you got started, but you definitely have a say in where you are going to end up. This my friend, is the nuts and bolts of The 4th Big Q.

During these amazing 8 lessons, you’ll get freer than you’ve ever been. You’ll be empowered to start making some pivotal decisions about your life, hopefully some life redefining decisions that will lead to lasting joy and fulfillment. Who knows, you might even take a few long overdue leaps of faith.


How do I get there? (8 Lessons)

In the end, it won’t just be about getting to the finish line, it will also be about how you ran the race. Did you stress out or enjoy the ride? Did you inspire, love and lead others well? In The 5th Big Q, we’ll tackle these topics and honestly assess some other areas where you may need to grow.

Things like time-management, self-government, emotional IQ, and leadership will be discussed. This is also where you’ll partner with God as your own personal life architect to design your dream life and make the commitment to Him and yourself to do whatever it takes to see the miraculous and bring it to pass. You’ll also get some super powerful bonuses like:

(1) An Emotional IQ assessment to help you assess and develop your Emotional Intelligence

(2) A DISC assessment and profile to help you identify your behavior style and improve vocational productivity, teamwork, and communication.

What's Included?

Over $1,720 of Amazing Add-ons!

Plus 3 Bonus Products!

40 awesome easy-to-digest video lessons

40 in-depth digging deeper exercises

40 MP3 guided awakening meditations

40 MP3 recordings of each lesson

40 PDF transcriptions of each lesson

A Myers-Briggs Assessment – $50 Value

An Emotional IQ assessment and book – $65 Value

A DISC assessment – $40 Value

A 1/2 Hour ID Coaching Session - $50 Value

A Copy of Understanding the Whole Bible - $70 Value

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Schlyce - A $1200 Value

A 1 hour session with a Myers-Briggs coach – $100 Value

A 5 Love Languages assessment and book – $15.99 Value

A 1 Hour Rapid Mind Renewal Session About Your Image of God - A $50 Value

A 1 Hour Rapid Mind Renewal Session About Your Self Image - A $50 Value

A Complete StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment and Book – $29.99 Value

Bonus #1:

Schlyce’s Wake Up & Change the World
2016 Guided Meditation (MP3 Download)

Bonus #2:

Schlyce’s Step into Your Purpose
2016 Prayer Declaration (PDF Download)

Bonus #3:

Schlyce’s How to Create a Life Vision Board eGuide (PDF Download)

Your Return on Investment (ROI)

If you have ever worked with an executive-level life coach, you know it costs thousands of dollars, sometimes per session. And, your time with the coach is limited to their availability, not to mention, what you can afford. 

When you enroll in Emerge School of Transformation, it’s is like hiring Schlyce and her highly qualified team to virtually coach you. You get full access Schlyce’s spirit-centered step-by-step system to finding your purpose that she has been using successfully for over 25 years.

Plus, there’s over $1720 dollars of bonus materials included in the program.
These savings, when combined with lifetime access to the program and monthly group coaching calls with Schlyce, give Emerge a return on your investment in the thousands of dollars.

But truly, the satisfaction and fulfillment you’ll gain by stepping into your true life purpose and developing a more intimate with relationship with God is priceless. There’s really no better investment of your time and money that you can make.

Who is Emerge for?

If you are ready to find greater meaning in life and answer life’s most important questions, then this course is for you! If you are lost, stuck-in-a-rut, or stressed; then by all means, enroll! If you need help getting clear about your life calling, planning your next steps, or in need of a change in your life or business; then Emerge is your answer! 

All seekers are welcome here.

Schlyce’s 25 years of corporate and individual mentorship has helped thousands of people and the organizations they lead to find a higher purpose and deeper meaning for their existence.

The key is that you are ready to go to the next level, recognize that change begins with you, and are committed to seeing results!

Who is Emerge NOT for?

Those who are satisfied with the status quo. If you enjoy “playing it safe” or prefer to ignore the “deeper things in life” or are closed minded when it comes to spirituality and experiencing God; then this course is not for you.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the “Register Now” button and make your first payment today. You will receive a confirmation email along with instructions on setting up your username and password.

You can begin your program immediately!

Schlyce recommends that you work through 1 lesson per week.

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Special Cyber Monday Pricing!


Monday - 11/30

$299for 3 months

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Tuesday - 12/01

$349for 3 months

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Wednesday - 12/03

$399for 3 months

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, it’s true! You can test drive Emerge for 60 days, 100% risk free.

Rest assured, Emerge comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied after watching The 1st Big Q’s 8 lessons and completing the coursework, then just let us know.

All that we ask is that you mail us a copy of your completed 1st Big Q coursework. to make sure you gave the program a go, along with your feedback as to how your expectations were not met and how we can improve. Then, we will issue a full refund to you.

When I think of the typical spiritual teacher, I think of someone who deposits information and ideas about God into their audience or congregation. But what Schlyce does is draw out of you the facets of our wonderful Creator that already exist in you. A shift in my mind and heart came when she taught me to not to try to become something I already was and to stop chasing some idea of perfection, but rather to just agree with God and allow myself to be how He already saw me, a perfect reflection of Jesus.
I have known Schlyce and been transformed through her life and teachings for over 12 years. Each time I am with her or listening to her teachings, I receive an impartation and a calling up of who I am. She flows in the supernatural in a way in which you feel like things that are out of place begin to get adjusted.
You cannot get around this woman and not get stirred up in a deep way! Schlyce is a one-of-a-kind fireball that inspires us all!
One of the most fundamental things that I learned from Schlyce was that I could hear the voice of the God, and it launched me into a journey with Him that was filled with finding purpose and wholeness. My journey was accelerated, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her leadership and example. I still have so much to learn and to grow, but because I can hear Him, I am guided in everything that I do. He has plans for my life, and I now have the tools and the knowledge to pursue all that he has for me.
Schlyce's teachings and life example have truly been a blessing to me and my family. Her down-to-earth, yet direct teaching style makes spirituality…easy to understand and apply. Schlyce has a passion for helping people know God intimately and develop a real friendship with Him.
I've never been disappointed. Schlyce knows and shares the truth in a way that packs a punch, but leaves you with faith and hope in a God whose love never fails.

Remember, this special pricing is only open until Wednesday, December 2nd at 11:59 p.m.!

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