Upgrade Your Money Blueprint

Tap into the power of supernatural mind renewal and experience the abundance that is yours in Christ through this course from Schlyce’s groundbreaking program, Emerge School of Transformation.

Normally, you wouldn’t have access to this course unless you were enrolled in the full Emerge School of Transformation program. But, for a limited time (through 6/16/17) I’m making this lesson available to those who signed up for my recent Developing a Wealth Mindset webinar.

The reason is simple – I can’t stand the way the poverty mindset steals people’s dreams and destinies.

Nothing is more gut wrenching than knowing you’re meant to do something great in this world, but you’re not able to move ahead because of a lack of finances. Add to that the gnawing, sense of time slipping by and the incredibly painful, self-depreciating thoughts and anxiety that usually accompany financial struggles, and it’s really heart breaking.

As a “serial entrepreneur” who has launched and failed more times than I’d like to count before finally finding my niche in the world, I am very familiar with the pain of poverty and lack.

After hearing week after week from so many people who struggle with money problems, I wanted to help.

You’re about to learn exactly why you’ve been stuck in a cycle of lack, debt, and poverty thinking so that you change your mind, transform your money blueprint, and finally pursue what you’re meant to do in this world.

What You'll Get

Money Matters walks you through exactly what you need to understand, know and — most importantly — DO in order to confront and overcome the subconscious limiting beliefs you have about money. This course is built to help you:

– Release poverty thinking and upgrade your money blueprint

– Attack lack at the root and replace the lies that have held you captive to it with the truth

– Break free from generational mindsets about money that are not in agreement with the mind of Christ

– Develop a wealthy self-image based on who you are in Christ

Experiential by design, this course will usher into life transformation encounters with God so that you see yourself as you truly are in Christ – wealthy, free, and making a difference in the world.

How to Take the Course


Download the Outline

Read through Schlyce's teaching notes and follow along with her as you watch the video


Watch the Video

Watch a powerful video teaching from Schlyce and learn the purpose of wealth - your money has a mission


Complete the Digging Deeper Exercise

Partner with the Holy Spirit to attack the poverty mentality and reshape the way you think about money


Listen to the Awakening

Experience supernatural mind renewal through a guided awakening meditation from Schlyce that will usher into the realm of the Spirit and help you experience your inheritance in Christ

Bonus #1

Learn On The Go With a Downloadable Audio Lesson

Turn your walk, workout or commute into a productive time of upgrading your wealth mindset. As soon as you enroll, you can download the entire lesson in audio format and learn on the go.

Bonus #2

Meditate on the Teaching With a Full Transcription of the Video

Quickly review and reinforce your learning. Download the transcription as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and make the revelation your own.


Life transforming.

This lesson completely transformed the way I view money. I had no idea that I was believing so many wrong things. It’s amazing what the Holy Spirit revealed to me about how the things I had experienced in my childhood were affecting my ability to receive abundance.

– S. Myers

God breathed.

Schlyce’s approach to spiritual growth is so very impactful because it is centered around you having personal encounters with the truth. Learning to hear from God for myself about the reasons I was struggling financially versus learning and trying to implement financial principles made all the difference.

– H. Enlow

Mind blowing.

Before this lesson, I thought I had a pretty solid wealth mindset. It was mind blowing to realize how much I had settled and experience God’s overwhelming desire for me to live lavishly.  As a result, I am believing for more, experiencing more, and living to bless others like never before.

– A. Tompkins

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Who is Schlyce?

Founder of Emerge School of Transformation, Schlyce is a woman on a mission to see the world experience the outrageous goodness of God. Her passion is seeing people experience the supernatural love and power of God personally and watching Jesus transform their lives from the inside out. Schlyce’s life vision is simple and impossible just like God planned it – “To make the planet look like heaven and cause love to rule the world.” She and her husband Brian, when they are not going 90-to-nothing changing the world one life at a time, delight in parenting their two beautiful girls, Lily Simone (11) and Ella Skye (7).

Jason ChinFounder, Love Says Go
Schlyce is a powerful world class leader and is called to empower a generation to believe higher.
Myron PierceFounder, Passion City Church & Front Range Detailing
If there's anyone I admire and have learned endless principles, life application, & leadership from - it's Schlyce.
Doug AddisonProphet and Life Coach, InLight Ministries
Schlyce Jimenez is an experienced and gifted teacher and prophetic life coach. Her spirit empowered training and resources will help you discover your life purpose and fulfill your destiny.
Natalie HochstatterEntrepreneur & Life Mentor
Schlyce has been one of the most powerful and influential voices in my life for the past 10 years... the love, wisdom, and truth that she has poured into my life over those years is un-matched.
Kim MarshallDevoted Mom & Psychologist in Training
In the last 5 years I have become a completely different person through Schlyce’s mentoring and teachings.
Justin KnappFounder, Pulse
Schlyce… makes you feel empowered and outrageously believed in.
Gary OatesFounder, Gary Oates Ministries
Schlyce is the real deal! I am so impressed with her ability to communicate and teach in a simple and straight forward way. I highly recommend her and her new online school, 'Emerge School of Transformation'.
Kris TurnerSinger, Songwriter, & Actor
Her in-depth, practical teaching completely changed my life.