& its Two Rad Ideas

The genius behind Emerge comes out of Rethink, LLC – the spirit-centered transformational “un-learning” company that Schlyce founded in 2009. Rethink develops resources that fuel personal growth and organizational transformation by empowering established and emerging leaders to think different. All of Rethink’s offerings, like Emerge and Breakthrough Perspectives, are geared towards helping individuals and organizations release their full potential and make an impact in the world. The company is driven by two radical but simple ideas:

• All leaders and the organizations they lead exist to fulfill a “bigger-than- us” purpose.

• The only “real” limitation in life is the way people and organizations are “wired” to think.

Rethink Executive Coaching Sessions

Geared towards entrepreneurs and other organizational leaders who want to go to the next level both personally and professionally, and who recognize that organizational growth and change begins with them. These one-hour coaching sessions are led by Schlyce or a hand-selected few other individuals that have a proven track record producing dramatic results.

Rethink Virtual Business Services

Build a world-class organization and executive team at a fraction of the cost, or simply augment your staff with one of Rethink’s Virtual CFOs, bookkeepers, administrative assistants, editors, graphic designers, videographers, marketing, or IT professionals.

Rethink RMR Sessions

Overcome the past, breakthrough self-imposed limitations, and experience instantaneous transformation through a 2-hour Rapid Mind Renewal (“RMR”) session. These sessions are led by Rethink certified facilitators using methodologies centered around the presence of God and conversational prayer, yet grounded in neuroscience. Sessions are offered in-person, via Skype, and over the phone.

Rethink Identity Coaching Sessions

Hear, clarify, and confirm your higher purpose directly from God through a 1-hour Rethink Identity (ID) Coaching session. These sessions are focused on helping individuals and organizations discover and clarify their God-ordained purposes and visions. All of our certified ID coaches flow proficiently in the scriptural gift of prophecy. The aim of an ID Coaching session is the same as described in scripture, specifically in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14, which is to strengthen, encourage, and edify our clients under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Rethink 5 Big Q’s Coaching Sessions

Geared towards individuals seeking one-on-one guidance and help hearing from God about one of Emerge’s Big 5 Q’s. Led by a group of seasoned facilitators with proven track records facilitating listening prayer sessions and helping people hear from God themselves.

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