When: September 14th

Time: 6:30 PM MDT

I don’t know about you. But, I’m ready for the world to see the real Jesus.

You know the One – the guy that hung with the untouchables, the rejects, and the shameful and exposed the self-righteous, judgmental, and religious!

And guess what? It’s starts with me and and it starts with you. We are called to love like Jesus!

If our lives aren’t causing the “outsiders” to run towards us, maybe there’s something we’re missing.

What Jesus accomplished on the cross is for everyone. Those that know it and those that don’t.

There’s no us and them! There’s just us.

This thing called grace is absolutely scandalous. It requires that we reevaluate the way we see everything and everyone, starting with ourselves!

In this free webinar, I’m going to get really personal and share the incredible journey that I’ve been on for almost forty years.

It’s been a journey to discover the real Jesus for myself and as a result learn to stop judging and love myself. And then and only then, begin to love others the way I’m loved.

If you too are ready for people to see the real Jesus when they look at you, then take a bold step. Register for September’s Free webinar. The world is waiting to experience the love of God through you!



What you’ll get in this Webinar:

Understand how “looking good” is really an idolatrous sneak attack

Recognize the subtly of self-righteous judgment that infected the human race at the fall

Learn to live simply by making receiving and giving God’s love away your primary purpose

Unveil how the “knowledge of good and evil” is the true nature of sin 

Discover the importance of quitting your job as the Christian Moral Police

Unleash the power of humility in your relationships with unbelievers

Awaken to God’s true goal for us which is much more profound and beautiful than merely being good

Give yourself permission to love yourself the way God loves you

Stop trying to win the approval of others and rest knowing you’re approved by God

Resist erroneous teachings like “hate the sin, love the sinner” recognizing love has already dealt with sin

Don’t Miss out! Join me September 14th at 6:30 pm MDT!

Who is Schlyce?

Founder of Emerge School of Transformation, Schlyce is a woman on a mission to see the world experience the “unbelievably good” goodness of God. Her passion is seeing people experience the supernatural love and power of God personally and watching Jesus transform their lives from the inside out. Schlyce’s life vision is simple and impossible just like God planned it – “To make the planet look like heaven and cause love to rule the world.” She and her husband Brian, when they are not going 90-to-nothing changing the world one life at a time, delight in parenting their two beautiful girls, Lily Simone (11) and Ella Skye (7).

Jason ChinFounder, Love Says Go
Schlyce is a powerful world class leader and is called to empower a generation to believe higher.
Gary OatesFounder, Gary Oates Ministries
Schlyce is the real deal! I am so impressed with her ability to communicate and teach in a simple and straight forward way. I highly recommend her and her new online school, 'Emerge School of Transformation'.
Myron PierceFounder, Passion City Church & Front Range Detailing
If there's anyone I admire and have learned endless principles, life application, & leadership from - it's Schlyce.
Kris TurnerSinger, Songwriter, & Actor
Her in-depth, practical teaching completely changed my life.
Kim MarshallDevoted Mom & Psychologist in Training
In the last 5 years I have become a completely different person through Schlyce’s mentoring and teachings.
Doug AddisonProphet and Life Coach, InLight Ministries
Schlyce Jimenez is an experienced and gifted teacher and prophetic life coach. Her spirit empowered training and resources will help you discover your life purpose and fulfill your destiny.
Natalie HochstatterEntrepreneur & Life Mentor
Schlyce has been one of the most powerful and influential voices in my life for the past 10 years... the love, wisdom, and truth that she has poured into my life over those years is un-matched.
Justin KnappFounder, Pulse
Schlyce… makes you feel empowered and outrageously believed in.