Ready for a life transforming weekend in the presence of God?

Encounters with God change everything

Hey there busy bee,

Want to know a secret? I’m a presence junkie.

Yes it’s true. I have a problem. I’m addicted to the presence of Jesus! Call me crazy, but I believe everyone’s addicted to something. Actually, I believe we’re designed that way – to be worshippers. We’ll either have God in the center of our universe or something else. Guaranteed.


With the craziness of our everyday schedules and the overall busyness of life in the 21st century, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important and forget that a Presence-filled life is the foundation for a purpose-filled life.

And, when our foundation isn’t solid, well it’s tough to build anything on it, especially if you want to build something, in this case your life, that is stable and long lasting. Trust me. Been there, done that, gotta closet full of bad T-shirts to prove it.


Getting away on retreat with Jesus, me, and my amazing team is one of the best presents you can give to yourself, your loved ones, and your future. It will kick that “Martha” in you right out of the kitchen and put the most important thing in your life, your relationship with Him, back on the front burner where it belongs.

As you sit at His feet over the weekend in the group and individual sessions we have planned, you can expect miraculous transformation. These weekends provide our Father just the opportunity He’s been longing for – to refresh you, renew you, and reveal to you His indescrible beauty, love, and power. As a result you’ll see yourself and your life more clearly than you ever have before.

How can we be sure? Because we know one encounter with God changes everything.

Anticipating Miracles for You,


The Experience of a Lifetime


4:00 – 7:00 P.M. Easing Into Ease
Thursday night is all about setting the atmosphere and cadence for our weekend together. Doors open early, at 4:00 p.m., so that you can ease into your weekend experience and decompress a bit from your travels. Visit our concierge to pick up your registration packet and confirm and/or add your weekend individual encounter sessions. Spend time soaking and resting in God’s presence in our Encounter Room. Meet new friends and chat over a cup of tea in our Living Room. The 1st session of the weekend doesn’t start until 7:00, so take this time to transition into retreat mode however suits you best!
7:00 – 9:30 P.M. Evening Session with Schlyce
Experiencing Union – A Fresh Look at In Christ/Christ In Scriptures

Schlyce kicks off the weekend with a session that’s sure to reformat your hard drive and repair the foundation of your relationship with God. As an expert swordsman wielding the sword of the Spirit, Schlyce will cut through the lies, myths, and misconceptions that form a perception of separateness from God and help you experience union with Him from the inside out.


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Morning Session with Catherine Toon  (Doors open at 9:00)
Transformation 101

Friday morning continues our weekend together with another group session taught by Catherine Toon, Senior Associate Leader at Prayer Mountain, CO, who co-founded and directs The Transformation Center located at Prayer Mountain, CO. Catherine will be teaching transformational truths out of Romans 12:2 that will rock your world and forever shift your paradigm about mind renewal. As a former M.D. who practiced internal medicine for years, Catherine brilliantly explains the science, neural science to be exact, of scriptural mind renewal. She’ll also introduce the encounter focused sessions that you’ll be participating in during the afternoons of our remaining time together.


Where am I headed? (8 Lessons)

Ready to lose fear and get really, really clear?

Every journey, especially your life journey, has a beginning and an end. You may not have any say in how you got started, but you definitely have a say in where you are going to end up. This my friend, is the nuts and bolts of The 4th Big Q.

During these amazing 8 lessons, you’ll get freer than you’ve ever been. You’ll be empowered to start making some pivotal decisions about your life, hopefully some life redefining decisions that will lead to lasting joy and fulfillment. Who knows, you might even take a few long overdue leaps of faith.


How do I get there? (8 Lessons)

In the end, it won’t just be about getting to the finish line, it will also be about how you ran the race. Did you stress out or enjoy the ride? Did you inspire, love and lead others well? In The 5th Big Q, we’ll tackle these topics and honestly assess some other areas where you may need to grow.

Things like time-management, self-government, emotional IQ, and leadership will be discussed. This is also where you’ll partner with God as your own personal life architect to design your dream life and make the commitment to Him and yourself to do whatever it takes to see the miraculous and bring it to pass. You’ll also get some super powerful bonuses like:

(1) An Emotional IQ assessment to help you assess and develop your Emotional Intelligence

(2) A DISC assessment and profile to help you identify your behavior style and improve vocational productivity, teamwork, and communication.

I've never been disappointed. Schlyce knows and shares the truth in a way that packs a punch, but leaves you with faith and hope in a God whose love never fails.
You cannot get around this woman and not get stirred up in a deep way! Schlyce is a one-of-a-kind fireball that inspires us all!
I have known Schlyce and been transformed through her life and teachings for over 12 years. Each time I am with her or listening to her teachings, I receive an impartation and a calling up of who I am. She flows in the supernatural in a way in which you feel like things that are out of place begin to get adjusted.
One of the most fundamental things that I learned from Schlyce was that I could hear the voice of the God, and it launched me into a journey with Him that was filled with finding purpose and wholeness. My journey was accelerated, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her leadership and example. I still have so much to learn and to grow, but because I can hear Him, I am guided in everything that I do. He has plans for my life, and I now have the tools and the knowledge to pursue all that he has for me.
When I think of the typical spiritual teacher, I think of someone who deposits information and ideas about God into their audience or congregation. But what Schlyce does is draw out of you the facets of our wonderful Creator that already exist in you. A shift in my mind and heart came when she taught me to not to try to become something I already was and to stop chasing some idea of perfection, but rather to just agree with God and allow myself to be how He already saw me, a perfect reflection of Jesus.
Schlyce's teachings and life example have truly been a blessing to me and my family. Her down-to-earth, yet direct teaching style makes spirituality…easy to understand and apply. Schlyce has a passion for helping people know God intimately and develop a real friendship with Him.

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